About Me

Anna Ruel
Senior Oracle DBA
Ivytech Community College 
Email: aruel@ivytech.edu

I have completed lots of project work in addition to day-to-day admin since I began working with Oracle nearly a decade ago. My goal is too maximize productivity for myself and others. I will take on any project with confidence.  I share my solutions with anyone interested in knowing.

Experienced with the following:
  • 8i-12c Database Administration and Internals
  • Real Application Clusters (RAC), Grid Infrastructure, ACFS
  • Application Server/Fusion Middleware
  • Grid  and Cloud Control 10g-12c
  • Performance Tuning with Statspack, AWR, Trace Events 
  • RMAN, Data Pump, DataGuard
  • Veritas Netbackup, EMC Data Domain and DDBoost
  • Audit Vault 12.1
  • GoldenGate versions 10, 11
  • Shell Scripting and process automation

I also enjoy playing soccer, running, biking, kayaking, crossfit, and juicing.  I like house projects and art projects.  Everything I can do, I do myself.   There are very few things that I won't take on, Oracle or otherwise.

...Happy digging!  I hope you find what you are looking for!
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